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I can highly recommend the Gestapo to everyone
On the occasion of the seventy fifth anniversary of the death of the founder of psychoanalysis - Sigmund Freud and the Play on the Burden of Representation, a curated installation by Joseph Kosuth at the Museum of Contemporary Art Vienna.

The artist's book draws attention to the fallibility of print. Publications quoting ‘Ich kann die Gestapo jedermann auf das beste empfehlen’ refer to the few words that Freud purportedly wrote after his signature in order to be granted an exit visa. Although this account was proved incorrect fifty years later, the mythical narrative, perpetuated by the Internet's aggrandizing, convincingly emerges as historical truth.

Citations implicating five biographies are presented with tipped-in plates of Freud’s unoccupied home in Vienna, obscuring his personal artefacts relocated in London.

With kind permission of the Freud Museum London and the Sigmund Freud Museum Vienna.

Published in January 2015. Edition of one hundred and fifty, signed and numbered (28 x 31cm). Printed at FEBurman on an HP Indigo press, foil blocked at Benwells Ltd and hand-bound by the artist.

Stringskip der CERN
The artist's book plays on locating the ever-elusive Higgs boson to parody first beam events at CERN’s large hadron collider. The book appropriates 19th Century hachuring techniques employed in the Dufourkarten - a military topographical survey of Switzerland completed in 1862 and sourced at the British Library's Map Department.

Published January 2012. Edition of twenty-five, signed and numbered (70 x 70cm). Folded map book with slipcase. Hand engravings printed onto Fabriano Academia Drawing paper and soaked in linseed oil at East London Printmakers.

Awarded the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Prize for Excellence in 2012.

Montefiore Conca
The artist's book harnessed the sun, exposing gritty tonal washes in a psychogeographic journey circumnavigating the Maletesta's 14th Century Fortress. The regional landmark was recently rennovated by the Municipiality of Montefiore.

Published in January 2011. Edition of twenty-five, signed and numbered (15 x 21cm). Leporello binding and plexiglas slipcase. Polymergravures printed on BFK Rives Grey paper at the Opificio della Rosa, Italy

Selected for the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. Awarded the Birgit Skiöld Memorial Prize for Excellence in 2011.

The Interpretation of Dreams, Ibid
The Freud Museum London's teaching aids were removed and the house was restored to its status quo. In their place, the artist’s book juxtaposed passages from the original publication with photographs in situ and the annotated objects returned as phantom shadows. The publication was disseminated to visitors during the group exhibition.

Published in 2011. Edition of one-thousand (7 x 12cm). Laser printed on GFSmith's Mohawk Superfine paper at Service Point London.

Dark Matter
Edwin Abbott’s ‘Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions’ 1884, combines a sociopolitical commentary of Victorian values with an epistemological definition of perception. In response, the artist's book evolved from a two-dimensional sheet of paper, cut, scored and folded into a three dimensional extended axonometric square.

Published in 2008. Edition of five hundred (11 x 11cm). Lasercut at the Centre For Print Research and hand finished.